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Charme du Hautbois


"Mark Baigent sings superbly, getting a gorgeous fluid sound"


                                                               Jeremy Polmear, Manager, oboe Classics


19th and early 20th century music on Period Instruments

Charme du Hautbois

       Formed in 2013 by Mark Baigent and Nathaniel Harrison, Charme du Hautbois brings the freshness and lightness of period performance to the forgotten treasures of the 19th and early 20th centuries.


Using instruments made by leading makers of the time; oboes by Triebert and Loree, an Erard harp and the now rarely heard French System bassoon, Charme du Hautbois will bring you a truly memorable concert presented in an accessible and dynamic way. 

Programmes are varied and use piano, harp, organ or string accompaniment. The players are formed of leading early music and modern instrument specialists with a wealth of experience performing in festivals, concert series and major concert halls  throughout the world.

“Uniquely enchanting sound, fresh and delightful programme, faultless ensemble    ....the best perfomance of any kind I have heard in years.” 

​                                Isabel Farrell (ex-manager, Live Music Now! NorthWest)

'How often do you hear a whole programme of music that you've never heard, played on instruments that you've never heard

and find the entire experience

bewithching                                                                                                           audience member



February 11 The Rococo oboe, ob,hps. Harlech music society


June 6 Classical Quartets, English Haydn Festival, Bridgnorth

June 7 Rhapsodie ob,org. Leominster Festival


October 15 Fantasie 19c ob,hp. Rush Court Nursing Home, Oxon

October 16 Fantasie 19c ob,h.p Boston Music Club

October 17 School workshops 19c ob,hp. x2, Norfolk


March 4 Fantasie 19c ob,bsn,hp. Currry Rivel Music Club

March 10 Fantasie 19c ob,bsn,hp. Trinity Congregational Church

March 11 Fantasie19c ob, bsn,hp. Discoed Church


July 13 Fantasie 19c ob,hp Tiger Lunchtime Concerts, Lindfield



April 19 English Phantasy 20thc ob.qtets. Orange Tree Theatre


January 19 Nocturne 19c ob,bsn,hp The Workshop Series, Lewes

April 24 Grand Tour 20thc ob,hp Warwick University Lunchtime

April 25 Grand Tour 20thc ob,hp Powys Castle, National Trust

July 4 Rhapsodie19c/20thc ob,org. St.Swithuns, Worcester

July 29 Nocturne 19c ob,hp St.Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich

August 31 Boughton Memorial 20thc ob.qtets. (premiere of Boughton 2nd quartet) Boughton Trust, Glastonbury

Sample Programmes - 19th Century

                          2 Players


'Nocturne'  (Oboe & Harp)
A programme of 19th century duos for harp and oboe using  a triebert oboe from c.1835, a treibert cor anglais from c.1855 and a Gothic Pedal harp.

In this programme we perform rarely heard music by Brod, one of the leading oboists and oboe developers of his day along with Pasculli, the ‘paganini of the oboe’ and Bochsa a harpist who developed modern harp technique.


Bochsa      Nocturne op.50 no.3                      

 Solo Harp Piece                                                   

Brod           Nocturne op.16                      

Pasculli      Ommage a Bellini  

 Solo harp Piece                                                      

Jadin           Soirees            


                           3 Players


'Nocturne'  (Oboe, Bassoon & Harp)

A programme of 19th century duos and trios for harp, bassoon and oboe using a triebert oboe from c.1835, a treibert cor anglais from c.1855,  a French bassoon from c.1840 and a Gothic Pedal harp.

In this programme we perform rarely heard music by Brod, one of the leading oboists and oboe developers of his day along with Pasculli, the ‘paganini of the oboe’ and Bochsa a harpist who developed modern harp technique.


Jadin        Soirees (oboe & harp)            

Bochsa    Nocturne  (bassoon & harp)

Pasculli    Ommage a Bellini  (cor anglais and harp)

Spohr       Adagio (bassoon & harp)      

Spohr       Solo for harp               

Brod         Fantasie en Trio op.5 


‘Fantasie Français II' - (Oboe, Bassoon & Piano)

A programme of late 19th century duos and trios for oboe, bassoon and piano using period instruments; a triebert oboe & Cor Anglais from c.1860, and a Buffet-Crampon bassoon.

In this programme you will get to explore rarely heard music which show the instruments in music that is turning away from the excesses of 19th century virtuosity towards the new music of the 20th century.


Comptess de Grandval     Grand Trio (oboe, bassoon & piano)          Koechlin                              Au Loin   (cor anglais & piano)                     Jules Pillivestre                  Jupiter et Danae (oboe, bassoon & piano)  Emile Agnel                         Trio Pastorale (cor anglais, bassoon, pno)

H. Jancourt                          Bassoon Sonata

Theodophile C Lalliet        Terzetto op.22                                                       


Sample Programmes - 20th Century

                          2 PLAYERS


 ‘A grand Tour’  (Oboe/Cor Anglais and Harp)

A programme of rarely heard original works for oboe and harp from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. With music from England France, Wales, Israel and Italy, you will be taken on a grand tour of styles and moods, including the English folk music, Hebrew melodies, and French romantic impressions.

The programme includes the stunning Ommage a Bellini – an exquisite work written for the virtuoso Italian oboist Pasculli to play with his daughter.


Alwyn,William                     Suite 1944-5 to Goossens & sister Sidonie Nicholas, Morgan                               Melody (arr.Goossens) pub.1949                         

Pasculli (died 1924)           Ommagio a Bellini for cor anglais & harp 

Koechlin 1867-1950          Au Loin (1896) for cor anglais & harp         

Bantock, Granville             Hamabdil (1919)  arr. for cor anglais & hp   

Soulage, Marcelle             Pastorale op.15 (1920)   

Hodgson, Peter                 Elegie for Leon and Marie Goossens 


‘Rhapsodie’  (Oboe & Organ)

A programme of rarely heard original works for oboe and organ from late 19th and early 20th century Germany. Using the now abandoned German fingering system oboe  made by one of Germany's leading woodwind manufactures, Mönnig c.1903, this programme explores the handful of works written between 1880 and 1950 in a musical partnership that was revived following its demise in the late 18th century.


Josef G Rheinberger         Andane Pastorale

F Matthison-Hansen        Cantilena

Otto E Goepfart                Andante Religioso

Hans Koessler                  Allerseelen

Hanns Schindler              Sonate op.38

Richard Fricke                   Hirtenmusik

Karl Mille                           Andante Religioso


                                3 PLAYERS

'A Reed in the Wind' (Oboe, Basssoon & Piano)

A programme of English music from the first half of the twentieth century using a Thumbplate Loree oboe from 1905 and French System Buffet Bassoon from 1922 previously owned by the leading bassoonist Cecil James. Experience the lost colours and lightness of sound that made the English School of playing famous throught the world in music by some of the UK's greatest composers and players.


Geoffrey Bush                   Trio (1952)     

Sir Edward Elgar                Romance for Bassoon and Orchestra (1910)

Sir Benjamin Britten         Two insect pieces (1935)                                       Thomas Pitfield                 Trio

Alan Richardson                Three pieces for cor anglais and piano

Ralph Vaughan-Williams  Six studies in English Fok Song.

Michael Head                    Trio (1935)                                                                                                               

                               4 PLAYERS 


An English Phantasy’  (oboe, violin, viola, cello)

A  programme of English music for oboe and strings from the first half of the twentieth century. Using a period Loree oboe from 1905 as championed by Leon Goossens, this concert reveals rarely heard treasures and the lost kaleidoscope of sounds and colour associated with the oboe at this time.                                                                                       

Arnold Cooke                      Quartet (1948) 

Sir Lennox Berkeley           Adagio from String Trio op.19  (1943)      Ernest John Moeran                                Fantasy Quartet (1946)

Rutland Boughton             Three songs without words (1937)

Rebecca Clarke                   Two Duos for viola & cello (c.1916)

Sir Benjamin Britten          Phantasy Quartet (1933)                                                                                                                                                  

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