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Oboe Repairs


"You have transformed the 'XL'

                   - what a joy!!                                                                                                    Rosemary Thornton,  Shropshire

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''A very prompt service"   Shrewsbury High School


Repair options

I offer simple adjustments through to full services and restorations of older instruments.

Full Service

A full service consists of a total strip down of the oboe,  the cleaning of everything including the wood, keywork, screws, toneholes, octave boxes,  the replacement of any worn pads, springs and corks, and the final setting up of the instrument .

Full testing then ensures it not only plays correctly, but that it also ‘feels’ right through the correct spring tension and depth of key action

'Its gorgeous. First day in the orchestra today and its playing like a dream. Thank you so much"  LD  Berthold & Sohn oboe overhaul

"Its Brilliant!" JE Marigaux oboe overhaul

'I feel it has never been working better. It seems to be playing beautifully. Thank you so much!"  MS Kreul oboe overhaul

'Its a joy to play....thanks so much! You're a legend" LD O.Adler & Co. cor anglais overhaul 

'Sounds beautiful and now is so easy to play. Love it!' FH  Howarth XL service

"You've definitely made a difference particularly to the low notes RT   Howarth XL oboe service

Mark Baigent - repairer

    Mark has always had an interest in making period instruments and repairing modern oboes. After attending music college, Mark undertook evening classes in woodwind repair at Merton College and baroque oboe making at  London Guildhall University. His career however took him in the direction of performing and for the last 30 years he has spent his time working with many of the top period orchestras in the UK and abroad. 

    Having undertaken further training in repair with Daniel Bangham, Mark now offers repairs and restorations to modern as well as historical instruments. This practical skill along with his performance experience makes Mark an ideal technician to set your instrument up to its optimal playing condition.

"THANK YOU! My oboe is back where it should be. Its ringing beautifully and the top notes are very easy and clear. Techincally its flowing very easily again too. Many thanks indeed!  JS  Liverpool Philharmonic - Puchner oboe service

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