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Oboe Lessons &            Coaching

Specialising in Baroque to Contemporary          techniques and performance practice           

If you are looking to improve your playing technique or expand your musical interests by exploring new repertoire from Baroque to Contemporary, learn about period playing styles, how to perform contemporary performance techniques or would like to learn a period oboe such as the Baroque oboe, Mark can help.


With his ​extensive performing and teaching experience, Mark is able to offer teaching to suit most requirements from complete beginners to advanced students.

Mark's teaching experience includes

Professor of Baroque Oboe - Cheethams College of Music, Manchester

Professor of Oboe  - Trinity Junior School, London

Recorder Teacher - Westminster School, London

Mark is currently

A coach for chamber music and early music at Tonbridge Summer School

Professor of Oboe at Shrewsbury High School, Prestfelde School and Moor Park School, Shropshire

For ten years Mark was also the oboe music reviewer for 'Classical Music Teacher' magazine

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